Madam Tussauds - The making of Benedict Cumberbatch [x]

I want you to take away Damon.


RIP Trenton Cole Bailey.
For those who don’t know, both Trenton and Demi were neighbors and were very best friends. Like Demi, Trenton was bullied a lot at school. When both of them were in middle school, Trenton wasn’t at school. When Demi came home she saw her mom crying saying that Trenton hanged himself because he couldn’t deal with the bullying.
It’s been 9 years now; and he is her Nightingale

Killian - i know you want me - Jones


Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder at Walker Stalker Con


First of all… Don’t nickname. That’s my thing.

Merry Christmas from Desmond and Penny ♥


Madame Tussauds - The Making of Benedict Cumberbatch






What if Peter Pan was just an asshole, and had kids jump out of windows, making Neverland a coma dream?

Peter Pan originally was an angel of death that held kid’s hands when on their way to heaven (Neverland). That’s why they never grew up. All those kids were dead.

my childhood….gone…..image

Where the fuck did that gif come from

The lion king bloopers




The evolution of Halloween costumes for girls…

this is really important

Jesus it’s like erotic pokemon

Demi Lovato at her meet and greet in Hamilton, Ontario on October 20, 2014.

Who is Damon Salvatore?

taylorswift: Discography.

@ETCanada: @ddlovato takes a selfie for us before her show in Hamilton tonight. 

@ETCanada: @ddlovato takes a selfie for us before her show in Hamilton tonight. 

Brittany S. Pierce +  trying to resist the adorableness of Santana Lopez and failing